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Monday, January 9, 2012

Lobotomia, fightin musak, yea i'll totes help ya but i ain't the babysitter ;) context smentxt lit

Part 1 of 3

i don't jst dig 'shitty' music, there is a connection ala if u think you can do betta, go on then, not much is perfect but u sure can try...there is personal philospihy behind this but don't b purile for the sake of it nec and if you only talk about booze and cigs you might not get much anyway, happy life ahaha

Cameroon Fever! cool blog, influential blaa

takes me a while to do this so you get some of the goodies, take it in ya stride, not too much music ok ;) meant to inspire instigate and connect in this sometimes insipid same ol world fafa

Scuse' me they're american, dece new Hip Hop etc mp3 etc


Dece Mixtape by This Lady

ZAN PAN is alright too but skep hatz on

Indy Where Are You Going?: Strawberry Whiplash

I think bands should get their kudos, I shouldn't get carpel tunnel and oh yea I should get paid, wait class exists, anyway onwards and sideways i mean upwards